How Should We Teach History? What Are the Lessons We Are Trying to Teach?

“History is written by the victors.” I think most of us have heard this statement before. While for centuries this has been a maxim of our societies, these days with the Internet and peoples access to information constantly on the rise, we are seeing that hard and fast rule lose some of its significance. Doing the research for the first few blog post on this site as well as discussions regarding history highlighted the fact for me, that there is a large amount of information that is left out of the curriculum that I and the people I’ve been speaking with received.  I’m not suggesting some nefarious plot to keep information from the public, but I do wonder about the reasons why we learn the history we do, and why we might have gaps in our knowledge regarding even our own country’s story.

I’m quite curious to hear how you feel about how our curriculum is chosen, what effect is hoped for or what effect you think it has on us. Does the standard approach have value that outweighs the benefits of varying points of view? Is there even a ‘standard ‘ approach anymore? What was your experience with history classes and how do you feel that they influenced the way you see the world?

I will check in as regularly as my schedule allows in order to respond to any comments you post. I encourage you to check back as well to continue any conversations that may develop.



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